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Obsidian Fleet Services is the department that deals with the administrative duties of 'The Fleet Database', 'The Awards System', and 'The Fleet Forums'. Whilst a majority of this work is conducted by Director Rear Admiral Thomas Duchannes, with the assistant of the 'Assistant Director' (Currently Vacant), the Database work is made easier thanks to a dedicated team of five advisors who work diligently alongside RAdm Duchannes on the database.

This area is currently a work in progress, and in time will eventually be much more informative!

Thank you for your patience,

Rear Admiral Thomas Duchannes
Director of Fleet Services
Specialty Simulations Advisor
Obsidian Fleet | services@obsidianfleet.net

The Database

With over 3000 pages, the Obsidian Fleet Database has an impressive amount of information stored within to assist players from both out-of-character and in-character aspects.

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With over 70 awards, Obsidian Fleet clearly enjoys letting our members know that they are appreciated by their crews, command team, and the fleet staff for the hard work and commitment that enables us to be as great as we are.

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The Forums

The Fleet Forum is the heart of Obsidian Fleets communities. Whilst simulations enable to communities to interact on a smaller scale, the forums allow players to interact with over 200 people.

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