Obsidian Fleet

Fleet Services is currently the largest department within the fleet. The department is responsible for the administration of all player and Unit of Merit awards, the moderation of the Fleet Forums, and more recently; the management of the Fleet Database.

This Weeks Spotlight Page


13.11.14: … I’d like to announce that Brigadier General Justin Braxton (moss) has been selected as the new Obsidian Fleet Services Assistant Director.

Monthly Reports

This area will be updated on the 15th of every month. The reports provide insight on what has happened internally during that months operations for the department. Reports (By Date) 14.11.14


Being such a large department with a variety of responsibilities it’s not unusual to get confused when trying to understand our operations. For this reason, Obsidian Fleet Services compiled a FAQ area.

Spotlight: UoM October 2014

It's been a good month for the fleet and I'm proud to say we had nine overall winners scaling from Bronze to Gold! Kudos on all the goodwork! See the images for the Directors spotlight winners of the month.